The 'Pearl of the Adriatic'

Saying Dubrovnik is the most beautiful city of the Mediterannean coast and its shiniest pearl would not do the region justice; there are many beautiful cities, islands, beaches and vistas that deserve the title "most beautiful". 

However, the Dubrovnik region holds a special place on the Adriatic coast, where its surroundings, its proud and beautiful city, islands and climate make up for a unique tourist destination and vacation spot.

Replete with centuries of culture, tradition and history, it gives so many ways for visitors to enjoy and immerse themselves in their surroundings; through the program of the Dubrovik Summer Festival to the unforgettable vistas that become visible when you ascend the famed Dubrovnik walls or come to the top of one of the many fortresses.

Combined with the beaches, untouched nature and islands of the most idyllic thematic setting, it is soon understood why Dubrovnik and its Riviera are held in such high regard.

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