An oasis of peace and quiet

Sifting through the pearls of the Adriatic, one has to mention the island of Brač, Dalmatia's largest island. With untouched nature, unique architecture and offering immersion with the Mediterannean climate as well as connections to the mainland and an airport, visitors will have everything at their disposal for a wonderful experience.

Brač is also widely renowned for its world-class stone, used in the construction of some of the most famous buildings in the world; the White House in Washington and Diocletian's Palace to name but a few. The inhabitants of the island used the same stone to build houses for themselves as well. 

The idyllic houses, untouched nature and the myriad beautiful sights all over the island create the image of a perfect island getaway; one where you can immerse yourself and feel the centuries of tradition, customs and beauty all around you. 

Instead of crowded streets, shops and noisy traffic, you are met with streets paved in white stone, simplistic vistas filled with stone houses and brimming with grape vines, tangerine, lemon, fig and pomegranate trees in every garden. 

Whereas other places might want to force their beauty on you, Brač just exudes this feeling naturally and is valued for this simple beauty that it offers in the best way possible. With generations that have lived on its shores, soaked the in the sun and sea and have lived in this natural marvel, they invite you too now to bask in this beauty, if only just for a short time.


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