Elaphite islands Tour

Location : Dubrovnik

The three island journey!

The journey starts in the Old Town harbor, with our first stop being the island of Koločep, or Kalamota. You will be given an hour of free time to leisurely explore the island and its natural and cultural amenities.

The next island that we are visiting is Šipan, the largest island of the Elaphites. It has two harbors but we'll be docking in Suđurađ for an hour and a half, followed by a lunch made right on the ship

You can choose from a fish, meat or vegetarian menu.

After this delicious meal it is time to head to the last island in the tour, Lopud. Famed for its sandy beaches, a rarity for this coast, the island offers many ways to enjoy and pass the day, be it swimming in the clear blue waters or exploring the old mansions, monasteries and the large botanical garden. 

After all of these activities we're giving you three hours to fully explore the island and everything it offers, to make the most out of this trip.


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